LCUI4HPC Grid Engine

This page allows you to manage the integrated LUCI4HPC scheduler.


This tab gives you an overview of all current jobs in the system.
You can view:
- The job Id (Id)
- The assigned weight of the job, which is used to determine the order in which the jobs are executed (Weight)
- The full path of the job script (Job)
- The status of the job, running, queuing or in deletion (Status)
- The user to which the job belongs (User)
- The queue to which the job belongs (Queue)
- On which node the job is running (Node)
- The resource usage of the job (CPUs, GPUs, Memory)

This tab allows you to delete jobs.
Selecting the "force delete" option will remove the job from the list immediately without waiting for a confirmation from the node. This should be used if the node is offline.


This tab allows you to manage the queues of the LUCI4HPC scheduler.

Queue list

You can view a list of all current queues.
You can delete queues from the system.
You can change a queues configuration by clicking on the "details" link.

Adding a new queue

You can add new queues to the system, available options are:
- The name of the queue
- The access group: this indicates which linux user group is allowed to submit jobs to this queue. The linux user group must exist on the management node. This option is either a valid linux group ID to limit the queue to this group only or "-1" to indicate that everyone can submit to this queue.
- Job distribution: this sets the job distribution algorithm for the queue. Available algorithms are:
Fill: the jobs fill up the nodes one after another
Spread: the jobs are spread throughout the cluster, a job is always assigned to the node with the lowest resource usage
Full: every job is assigned to a separate node, even if it does not require all the resources of this node.
- Fair use limit: this allows you to set a maximum of jobs a user can have in the system at the same time. This is either a positive integer or "-1" to turn off this option.


This tab allows you to manage the VIP system of the LUCI4HPC scheduler.
This allows you to grant users privileged access to the queuing system, so that their jobs will be executed immediately if the necessary resources become available even though other users were queuing before them.
VIP status only counts towards jobs submitted after it was granted, it does not apply to jobs which are already in the system.

VIP list

Allows you to view and delete current VIP users.

Adding a VIP

You can add a user as VIP with the following options:
- the username
- the user ID

NOTE: both must be valid and exist on the management node!


Current version: 1.0beta1