Queue configuration

This is the detail page for a queue. It can be reached by clicking on “details” next to a queue on the grid engine page.

Configuration options

You can change a queue configuration with the following options:
- The access group: this indicates which linux user group is allowed to submit jobs to this queue. The linux user group must exist on the management node. This option is either a valid linux group ID to limit the queue to this group only or "-1" to indicate that everyone can submit to this queue.
- Job distribution: this sets the job distribution algorithm for the queue. Available algorithms are:
Fill: the jobs fill up the nodes one after another
Spread: the jobs are spread throughout the cluster, a job is always assigned to the node with the lowest resource usage
Full: every job is assigned to a separate node, even if it does not require all the resources of this node.
- Fair use limit: this allows you to set a maximum of jobs a user can have in the system at the same time. This is either a positive integer or "-1" to turn off this option.

Adding and removing nodes

You can see the nodes currently in the queue (Nodes) and the nodes which are not yet assigned to any queue (Unassigned nodes).
You can choose one or more nodes from the unassigned nodes list and add them to the queue.
You can choose one or more nodes from the nodes currently in the queue and remove them. The nodes will then become unassigned nodes.


Current version: 1.0beta1