Node configuration

This is the detail page for a node. It can be reached by clicking on "details" next to a node on the management page.

Node status

You can view several status information of the node:
- It will display whether a node is online or offline
- The uptime of the node
- The 1, 5 and 15 minute load: load1, load2 and load3 respectively
- The total amount of CPUs, GPUs and memory of the node and how much is currently used

Node options

You can change several configuration options of the node:
- The hostname
- The IP address
- The MAC address
- The type
- You can see whether it is installed or not and choose to re-install it
- You can reset the resource usage

NOTE: The DNS will immediately notice a hostname change, but the node has to be restarted or manually changed.
NOTE: In order to transfer an IP address change to a node, the node has to be restarted or the DHCP lease manually renewed.


Current version: 1.0beta1