View job status

The program lqstat can be used to view status information of the grid engine.

View own jobs

To view the status of your job use lqstat without any arguments:


You will get an output similar to:
Id     Node            CPUs     GPUs     Memory [GB]  No. nodes  Queue           Started on      Notify          Name
6192   node01       4        1        512          1          graphic         30.8.2013 16:30                   /share/user/project/
6193   node03       12       0        2048         1          simulations     30.8.2013 14:18                   /share/user/project/

Id     CPUs     GPUs     Memory [GB]  No. nodes  Queue           Submitted on    Name
6209   4        1        256          1          graphic         30.8.2013 9:18   /share/user/project/

Id     Node            Name
6194   node02          /share/user/project/

"Running" gives detailed informations about your current running jobs.

"Queueing" shows your jobs that have not jet started and are waiting for resources to become available.

"Deleting" shows jobs that you have deleted and the system is waiting for a confirmation from the node that the job has been killed.

View all jobs

You can view all jobs currently running on the cluster by adding the -a argument to lqstat:

lqstat -a
The output is similar to the output of just one user.

View queues

You can view a list of all available queues, the nodes that belong to them and their current resource usage by adding the -q argument to lqstat:

lqstat -q
The output will be similar to:
                    Node              CPUs     GPUs  Memory [GB]
                    node01            8/32     2/2       1/32   
                    node02            32/32    2/2       16/32     
                    Node              CPUs     GPUs  Memory [GB]
                    node03            12/12     0/0       2/8    
                    node04            0/12      0/0       0/8    


Current version: 1.0beta1